Camera Scott Newz Straight No Chaser Photos Videos

Meet Camera Scott, Your New Prison Bae


Camera Scott photos have started going viral after the attractive woman’s mugshot was shared on Twitter and captioned with the nickname “Prison Bae.” This is far from the first time that a photogenic mugshot has gone viral, but Camera’s picture is definitely one of the best we’ve ever seen.

The first arrest occurred in February outside of Ft Meyers Florida. Camera was charged with POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Driver’s License Or ID Card) and POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Credit Card Invoice Sales Draft Voucher Etc.).

Then, the 21-year-old beauty was arrested again a month later in Suwannee, FL. At the time, she was charged with LARCENY (Petit Theft 2nd Degree 1st Offense), POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Credit Cards Two Or More), POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Credit Cards Two Or More), and FRAUD – Possess Similitude Id Card Possess Counterfeited – Credit Card Invoice Sales Draft Voucher Etc.

So long story short, she’s a syren. It’s probably best to admire her sexy looks from the safety of your phone or computer. You can follow her on Twitter: @ChinaaLeea and Instagram: @Iamchinaleea